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Modular kitchen program "Bolero" was founded in 2000. Tested, enriched and refined over the years, today it contains more than 1,500 separate modules. With these different types, forms and purposes, the cabinets can fill every space in an optimal way.
For each kitchen areas /washing, preparation, cooking, storage and stockpiling/ we have developed compliant modules, allowing all electrical appliances and accessories to be integrated and to make the whole kitchen configuration with a shared vision. The variety of materials:

- wall panels of leading companies in the industry Wodego, Egger, Kaindl;
- Fronts with different coverage
- high-gloss, varnish, paint, laminated chipboard, solid wood;
- Housings - more than 40 decor;
- Printed and painted glass - over 50 species;
- Handles, tools and accessories of the world leaders in the industry Hettich and Blum;

All this allows each production entered the kitchen to be unique in itself.

FINITURERange of colors Chipboard


FINITURERange of colors Tops

FINITURERange of colors Veneer

FINITURERange of colors Print Glass